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Christine Metropulos-Friedrich

Growing up in the quiet community of Cedarburg, Wisconsin my mother, a caricature artist, and father, an entrepreneur provided the ideal creative environment to nurture my natural gift for the visual arts. My talents were formalized in 1992 with a degree in commercial. As a young single mother, in an effort to offer my children the healthiest environment possible, I moved to a rural Wisconsin farm. The farm lifestyle was the impetus to becoming a professional sign maker, fabricating sandblasted redwood farm signs. My target market - the exotic animal industry. Today my focus is on painting the subject of these signs, creating beautiful fine art figurative and portrait paintings and drawings. After my children had grown I became involved in foreign missions. I fell in love with the “real” human condition in third-world countries with their minimal material distractions and their creator-centered focus. This was the catalyst behind my “Indigenous Child”


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