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Roka Walsh 

Artist Statment:

Inspired by Nature - Moved by its beauty - Fueled by the creative process.

All of these elements come together and cause me to become hyper-focused on whatever image I'm working on. As a mixed media imagery artist, I love taking an image - a photograph, eco-print, altered paper, for example - to a new level by digitally merging it with; other photographs, paintings, handmade textural pieces, eco-prints, illustrations, and organic elements. It is in the moments of digitally transforming the original image that I form an intimate connection to my art. I exert my vision through the process of mixing these mediums and in choosing what elements I will add. When I am deep in the process of layering those facets, my control diminishes and I allow the digital “magic” to take over. As the image develops and reveals itself, my vision will frequently shift and I discover the image portrays a new and different narrative. As I welcome that evolutionary process, I begin adding finishing touches and watch the new image convey a different story than nature originally intended. That story then translates differently from one viewer to another.

My work is a collaboration between the image and elements, technology, a little magic, the viewer, and me.



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