RedArtBox Exhibition Submissions

Artist Eligibility:

  • Artist must be 18 years or older


  • USD $25 up to 2 images

  • Entry fees are NOT refundable and do NOT guarantee entry into the exhibition


  • All selected artists for a specific exhibit will have an option to be published in the RedArtBox Exhibition Book.  

  • Each exhibit will have two award winners.

Viewer's Choice Award:
Viewer's Choice Certificate 
Featured artist on

Option to be published in RedArtBox "Featured" Artist Book

Copy of RedArtbox Exhibition Book

RedArtBox Juror's Choice Award:
RedArtBox Certificate
Featured artist on RedArtBox

Option to be published in RedArtBox "Featured" Artist Book

Copy of RedArtbox Exhibition Book



  • Two-dimensional artwork:  photography, paintings, drawings, printmaking, digital, and mixed media.

  • Three-dimensional artwork:  Digital 3D models or sculptures will be exhibited in the virtual gallery as 3D digital art.  Other three-dimensional models or sculptures made with different mediums (non-digital) will be displayed as images on the virtual gallery wall with selected two-dimensional work. 


Image Requirements:

  • We accept png or jpeg files. 

  • Please don't add watermarks to your images.  

  • Images should be at least 8 inches for the selection viewing process.  

  • Label your artwork with your full name, title, medium, and size.

  • All artwork must be original and done only by the artist.  

Artist Statement:

  • Will be used in publications if selected and is "optional."

  • Maximum of 350 words

  • Written in the first person and explains the artist's purpose and inspiration.  May include a short background.

  • The statement might be edited if needed to fit with RedArtBox guidelines.



  • RedArtBox does not handle sales of artwork. 

  • RedArtbox will not take any commission on purchases done on your own website.

Art Selections:

  • RedArtBox will decide on which artworks will be accepted into exhibits. 

  • Entries do not guarantee inclusion into an exhibit. RedArtBox will make the selections.

  • Artwork must not have been previously shown in any RedArtBox virtual galleries.

  • All decisions regarding exhibit selections are final.

  • Artists will receive email notification of exhibit selections after the submission deadline.  

  • All selected artwork must remain in the exhibition during the entire duration of the scheduled exhibit dates.  

  • No cancellation or withdrawals are permitted once art selections are announced.

  • RedArtbox reserves the right to cancel, extend or change exhibition dates or content at any time. 

Usage Release:

  • Artist maintains copyrights on artwork images submitted. 

  • Selected artwork will be part of our online exhibitions permanently at the discretion of RedArtBox.  Art may be used for promoting the exhibit, future call entries, videos, social media, and virtual exhibitions.

  • The selected artist will have an option (not required) to be published in RedArtBox Exhibition Book.  

  • If agreed to publication in RedArtBox Books, RedArtBox will have the rights to publish your art and information.  

  • Artists will receive no royalties from book sales.


  • Payment must be made online with your submission form. 

  • Cost of submission is $25 for two images.  Payment is non-refundable, and no changes of images can be made after submission. 



Main Gallery, Hawaii


International Virtual Exhibition

Submission Deadline:  Oct. 15, 2019

Up to 2 Images

$25 USD

RedArtBox Rooftop.png


Rooftop Gallery, Los Angeles

Exhibition Date:  Nov. 15 - Dec. 15, 2019

International Virtual Exhibition

Submission Deadline:  Oct. 31, 2019

Up to 2 Images

$25 USD

View of Meditation Garden


Garden Gallery, Japan

Exhibition Date:  January 1, 2020

International Virtual Exhibition

Submission Deadline:  Coming soon

Up to 2 Images

$25 USD

Coming Soon