RedArtBox started off in a VW bus carrying art. The bus got stolen with art in it, but the dream never died.  A gallery was later formed in Los Angeles and now developed as a virtual gallery.  RedArtBox is a Hawaii based design and publishing company specializing in Art publications and exhibitions. We develop virtual art galleries that are inspired by different cities around the world.  We are a  social network for people who are interested in the arts. Our virtual galleries make it accessible to everyone no matter where in the world they are located.  Visitors can walk through the virtual gallery and experience the art in scale within a three-dimensional space.  Our exhibitions allow artists to show their work to a broader audience and viewers to enjoy their talents.  RedArtBox also publishes books of exhibits and artists.  We are an artist community for sharing, learning, and connecting.  We offer art exhibits, portfolio reviews, and art coaching.

RedArtbox Design & Publishing LLC